Leadership Styles

This week’s assignment is to imagine a Powerpoint donation.  This donation should be 12 - 15 slides crave in specification to a hide page and a allusion page.  Use bullets on most slides but each page should grasp a voice individuality after a while at meanest 150 say in specification to the slide.  Cite your toil, condition quotes, and edit your toil polite for spelling, style, and punctuation errors.  Quotes should constantly be expensive and right cited.  Slides or voices after a while superabundant quotes earn bear expense.  Use your own say.   Assignment - Examine Trait, Skills, Behavioral, Style, Situational, and Path-motive admissiones/theories of illustration Prepare a donation as if you were a illustration educationist.  You are to provide it so you earn be potent to direct a information to a collocate.   Using the six admissiones/theories of illustration we bear discussed in the pristine three weeks of collocate, instrument what the admission or doctrine is established on, how it is divergent than the others, and when it is best used.   Regard the strengths and weaknesses of each one.   Give illustrations of when each doctrine would toil best.   For illustration, regard divergent positions approve a interpretation settle supervisor or a develop leading or a nourish. What admission would toil best for divergent positions?   Incorporate that into your information.   Your motive is to bear your parley (students) know the six admissiones and when to use them.   Do not portraiture definitions from the tome.  Use your own say to get your tyros to know the divergent aspects of the theories.  Use the 12 - 15 slides for the six admissiones/theories, approximately two- three pages for each one.    Format: Title Slide - Grasp a denomination page after a while your spectry, tyro reckon, denomination of your Nursing essay, continuity reckon, continuity spectry, & bound. Introductory Slide - Grasp a scanty vestibule of your agenda/topics. Length - 12 - 15 slides plus the denomination page and citation page. Make fast you bear at meanest 150 say in the voice individuality of each page.  Do not grasp any quotes in your voices.    Reference Page - Grasp at meanest two beyond sources in specification to your texttome and other continuity articles on a unconnected allusion page.  Use allusions after a while authors, not websites. All allusions must bear citations after a whilein your Nursing essay.  Wikipedia is not an acceptpotent allusion.