Listening journal Music

  Review and give-ear to ALL voicelessness from Chapters 8 through 11 on the Baroque Era. Pick-out 2 elements of voicelessness to transcribe environing in a Listening Chronicle Entry. These two, divergent entries, should add up to approximately one ample, unique spaced page, and be submitted in Blackboard by the set-on-foot of tabudelayed (1:25pm) on Monday October 9th. Listening chronicles succeed be advantageous in Blackboard for 5 days behind the due bound. However, chronicles succeed imperil 10% each day they are delayed. This chronicle succeed be price 40 points. Once intermittently, I strongly commend that you transcribe the chronicle in a model program such as Microsoft Word, and upload your chronicle to this assignment through the incorporate under: Attach File > Browse My Computer. Do NOT transcribe it in the "comments" exception under as it succeed answer as a large confusion of control delay no separations or paragraphs. Please pick-out 2 epics/pieces that can be talkative or instrumental voicelessness. Do NOT pick-out 2 exceptions or moves of the selfselfsame element, but rather two divergent elements. If you pick-out a talkative element you MUST discover the give-earing guides in your textbook that get translations of the control into English. There is NO EXCUSE for not sense what they're singing environing, when you examine the element. Don't suspect. Use the advantageous resources. Your entries should involve adapted use of voicelessness glossary, and try to create elaborate comments, not wide generalizations.  When you inaugurate your examineion of each element, delight involve the TITLE of the larger effort, the local epic or move, and the COMPOSER. Imagine your discoverer distinguishs very tiny environing voicelessness. In the chronicle memorandum you should examine: What do you heed? What is going on in the element? How does the voicelessness clear compositionally or sound-wise throughout the element? What are the instruments or talkative ranges substance used? What genre and/or fashion are they playing/singing? What distinguishes this element of voicelessness from others you distinguish and feel give-eared to? What do you approve environing this voicelessness? What do you not approve? Do you feel an tender vindication to the voicelessness? Be local and draw what you heed. You should use glossary control that you feel literary so far, and your own control to draw the voicelessness. Dido and Aeneas The Coronation of Poppea Brandenburg Concerto Bach, Fugue 1 in C Major Bach, Gigue from Cello Suite No. 2 in D Minor Royal Fireworks Music