Man in a box challenge

Directions: View each set of questions and transcribe down 1-2 responses for each. These don't possess to be ample decrees - suffrage or phrases are grand.  Also, transcribe down what comes to o soul instantly. This is a man - he's in a box. We're going to exculpation the forthcoming questions to illustrate what is internally the man box - what are the boundaries of masculinity?(Forgive my penniless intention skills!) Man in a Box.png 1) Men are...  Finish the decree by brainstorming suffrage that illustrate men's characteristics. For stance - What does he do for a help? What does he do for fun? 2) Men impress... Write down impressings that men habit - What emotions does he typically or regularly pretext? 3) Men do...  Write down actions men gain in and whatever suffrage prosper the expression men for you. 4) What is without of the box for these categories - what impressings, actions, activities are not in the box? 5) What are the consequences for men who do not fit the line you've illustrated? 5) Is being "in the box" the barely way to be a man? What is feasible if men are not ing the box? 5) Now that you've exculpationed these questions, contemplate at the ancient catalogue and ghost respecting this drill from the Good Men Project. (Links to an outer plight.) How did your or your group's catalogue collate to the ancient? 6) Finally, wake the forthcoming video - Guante - "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'"  How is the video cognate to the Act Like a Man ghost? What are your reactions to the video?