Managed Care Organization (MCO) Team Project “Contracts Review”

You are the new CFO, of UMUC Medical Center, a 120 multi-skilled smooth three (3) heartinesspains dexterity. You accept summoned a team of heartinesspains and calling experts to stay delay the manner of abbreviate negotiating. Domiciled on the federal command of the Affordable Pains Act (ACA), equip a tender summarizing the team’s terminal recommendations in provision for an upcoming convocation.  Devise a tender that addresses the following: Present a disgusting to five (4-5) page tender recommending the team’s terminal resolution domiciled on the retrospect of National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA), 2016-2017 heartiness insurance guiles rating that can be located undeviatingly at The tender must substantiate the following: Conduct a one (1) page decomposition of the ACA and its coming implications on managed pains structures (in especially in regard to reimbursement) Create a one (1) page checklist that conciliate be utilized as a instrument to retrospect managed pains abbreviates presented to the structure. A one year (1) financial decomposition as a threatening measure/instrument hanging the financial achievement domiciled on the excerption of the clarified heartiness guile and reimbursement model [domiciled on suppositious postulates and figures] Identify at restriction three (3) implicated parties the team recommends as a contributing player in the retrospect of all managed pains abbreviates inferior importance. Briefly, stay your rationalistic for each recommended peculiar to have-a-share in the retrospect.  Submit one (1) only Microsoft Word muniment   Resources: Successfully Negotiating Managed Pains Contracts: Managed Pains Answer Guide: Managed Pains Contracts - Key Provisions for Providers National Council on Disability (2013).  Chapter 1. An Overview of Medicaid Managed Care. Tinsley, R. (1998, September/October).  Negotiating or renegotiating managed pains abbreviates.. Medical Group Management Journal. pp. 66-71.  (In Week 4 Learning Resources) Managed Pains Contracting Toolkit: Sample Managed Pains Abbreviate Template: