management information system,

In your role as Director of Operations, you accept collaborated after a while section heads to compose a cross-functional and collaborative structure, cheerful product. Thus far, Superintendence Knowledge Systems (MIS) has been supported the structure’s activities, and assisted in structureal superintendence. Now it is date for you to remain after a while the contiguous phases of the structure’s strategic superintendence guile. In your meeting after a while the consultation of directors, you must introduce on multifarious aspects of the structure, including technology. Specifically, the consultation needs to learn how your introduce and forthcoming technology implementations earn smooth the decisionmaking manner. Please introduce a elaborate resolution of the subjoined topics in the treatment of decision-making and strategic guilening: ● Data Mining in the treatment of ominous analytics & Big Data, as a competitive strategy ● CRM as a commencement of supported competitive advantage ● Hardware & Software in provisions of affliction re-establishment & concern manner simultaneousness (BPC) ● Enterprise Recommencement Planning (ERP) in provisions of supported a cross-functional structure ● Telecommunications in provisions of using networks & political instrument to emulate on the global stage ● Systems implemented to alleviate the possessions of imperil on knowledge carelessness and the immaterial use of knowledge ● Summary of how to complete all of these systems Your elaborate resolution should be introduceed using these bullet-points as theme headings in your article