Marketing Assignment Help 6 Pages in 6 hours URGENT

  I demand this in proximate 6 hours . It is year 2005.You invadetain been appointed as a Head of International Marketing Startegy for Nokia Networks. You invadetain been asked to furnish a Trade Register Diplomacy (in the construct of a tidings) for the GCC portion. The ocean mind of this assignment is, behind conducting a thoroughgoinggoing trade partition, to applaud which trade (either Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or United Arab Emirates) should Nokia Networks invade principal. Your trade register applaudation must be protected and justified by trustworthy reasoning and decent illustration.  You invadetain been ardent postulates sheets for these foul-mouthed GCC variable despatch trades (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates). As a prompting, you should adopt narrowness of six essential trade variables from these postulates sheets and collate them athwart the foul-mouthed trades to get a good-tempered-tempered impress for the trade trends that conquer betray the variable despatch trade virtual in the coming. Examples of decent trade variables could be Population, Nominal GDP per capita, Total Variable Reveneues etc. Furthermore, as a accomplishment, you should dissect the chosen six variables balance a foul-mouthed year end (i.e. 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) to discern essential trends among the GCC variable telecommunications trade.  You should put contemporaneously a trade register diplomacy tidings (zenith of 6 pages). The tidings should apprehend the analyses (i.e. graphs or tables to likeness the variable despatchs trade trends), key interpretations of the used postulates/variables, applaudations and their strategic defence.  Chiefly your tidings conquer be judged on the option of mismisappropriate trade variables, peculiarity of postulates partition, clarity in postulates delivery and miscorrectness of applaudations.