Math 110 Week 2 Biography of a Mathematician

 The chosen theme must be Euclid or Archimedes Research the mathematician from the Middles Ages to the 19th antiquity you chose in Week One.  Use your chosen subject-matter as the foundation of one of the three assignment non-interferences. Be knowing to prefer a incongruous assignment pattern than you chosen for the Week 1 Commonplace Happenings assignment. Include the subjoined notice encircling the mathematician you chose for whichever assignment non-interference you select: Briefly portray their situate of race, family existence, upbringing, education, performance test, geographical location, and the predicament exclusive their fall. Identify local examples of his or her contributions; not poor to mathematics. Describe their most expressive commonplace performance and results. In your title, discourse what the special is most cherished for amid the commonplace aggregation. Explain how the special evaluated their commonplace findings for truthfulness. Describe how other mathematicians and/or scientists responded to the findings of the special during and presently succeeding their existencetime. Identify coming mathematicians and/or scientists that were influenced by this special's performance. Option 3: Presentation  Create a 15- to 30-slide introduction of a biography for your chosen mathematician. For Online and Directed Study students, these are introductions delay presenter’s notes.   Format any citations in your introduction harmonious delay APA guidelines.