Math 216 Week 5 Individual Presentation

  The point of this assignment is to use skills you feel erudite throughout all five weeks of the line. You conquer be efficacious to engage what they feel erudite to labor-out a genuine cosmos-people problem that you could use to in your coming course. Create a 5- to 6-slide endowment that must include: One slide on the Introduction  Introduce your theme and interrogation that you chose in Week 2. Why did it curiosity-behalf you? How does it tell to personality? What should the parley attain from your endowment? Three to indelicate slides of your visuals Show your tables, plant conspire, other 2 visuals, calculations, and any other illustration to patronage your misrecord(s) that you created in Week 3. Explain what notification in the basis tables is not needed for your resolution. Discuss what you can determine from the visuals. How do these visuals patronage your misrecord? One slide for a misrecord  Restate your theme and interrogation and surrender your apology to the scenario. How impudent are you that your misrecord is investigate? What labor would need to be performed to acception your dependence? Discuss what you erudite from this plan. Include detailed debater notes for each slide.