MBA Main – Act 6

Problem Set #6 Stakeholder Identification Exercise Instructions: Using the Purpose you separated for the Week 2 Business Case/Elevator Pitch Exercise adequate the the Stakeholder Identification Exercise in the determined muniment. Fill in each of the quadrants for inner and outer stakeholders impacted by the purpose advance and the purpose results. Inventory as numerous stakeholders as you can fulfill but no over than ten (10) per quadrant. Also, delineation and paste the Business Case/Elevator Pitch from Week 2 on the avoid page of this muniment. Be inequitable delay your stakeholder identifications. For illustration, if the purpose were the repurposing of a accelerated assistance restaurant to produce-an-effect beneath casualty term (i.e. 2020 Coronavirus pandemic) then you should not regular inventory “Customers” as stakeholders. You would deficiency to fulfill these over inequitableally as “Dine-In Customers”, “Drive Through Customers”, Walk-In Customers” and “Delivery Customers”. Reference:  Muthukumar R. (2005). Case studies on the global automobile diligence. Fiat and GM: A unhappy merger.  Timothy J. Kloppenburg, Vittal Anatantmula, and Kathryn N. Wells. (2016). Contemporary purpose treatment. Fourth Edition.