Data Modeling and Segregation (continued)  This week you are architecture on the prior week’s distillation. Please  make abiding to revisal the Milestone 4, Part I Solution (located in Doc  Sharing) anteriorly abiding delay the Milestone 4, Part II distillation. The  epitome beneath is the corresponding as the epitome for Week 4. It is shown beneath  for your spare-time.  The requirements segregation face answers the interrogation, “What does the  user scarcity and lack from a new scheme?” The requirements segregation face  is ticklish to the victory of any new instruction scheme! In this  milestone we scarcity to establish what instruction schemes requirements scarcity  to be boundd from the scheme users’ perspectives and haul graphical,  logical standards to muniment the postulates requirements for a new and improved  system.  Data standarding is a technique for organizing and munimenting a  system’s postulates. Postulates standarding is rarely named postulatesbase standarding  because a postulates standard is usually implemented as a postulatesbase. Postulates is  viewed as a riches to be shared by as manifold processes as potential. As a  result, postulates must be adjustd in a way that is pliant and adaptpotent  to hasty concern requirements – and that is the object of postulates  modeling.  In this milestone, you obtain leading betray those entities in the  scheme that are or sway be vivid by postulates. Then you obtain bound each  being you establish in reference to the concern in an Being Definition  Matrix. Then you obtain do the postulates standard tutorial in doc sharing that  obtain adapt you for doing the Fully-Attributed postulates standard (Physical  ERD) for EBS.  Objectives  After completing this milestone, you should be potent to:  • Understand and consummate the techniques for being betrayy.  • Bound each being delay reference to the concern and adequate an being definition  matrix.  • Consummate the inevitable postulates standarding techniques to adjust and muniment the  postulates requirements for the contemplated scheme.  • Construct the Fully Attributed postulates standard.  Prerequisites  Before starting this milestone, the aftercited topics should be covered:  • Postulates standarding – Chapters 8 and 14.  • Milestone 1-3 Solution - granted by your instructor  • Milestone 4, Part I Solution - granted by your instructor Assignment  Now that we entertain elaborate the ordinary scheme and analyzed some of its  problems and opportunities, plus gained commendation to profits, we can now  start to establish the concern postulates requirements and graphically standard  them. In this assignment, we obtain use our results of the prior  milestones, samples of forms we entertain serene, and the previous postulates  analysis. The results of this distillation obtain establish the concern postulates  requirements for the contemplated scheme.  Activities  Create a Physical ERD      (Fully-Attributed postulates standard) for the EBS occurrence.  Deliverpotent format and software to be used are according to your  instructor’s specifications. Deliverables should be dexterously packaged in a  binder, divided delay a tab divider labeled “Milestone 4-Part II”. References  • Previous postulates segregation (see Milestone 4, Part I Description)  • Exhibit 4.5 (see beneath)