Mobilogics inc.

      This condition involves you, as a salesperson representing MobiLogics (a leading arranger of large-scale, multi subsidence technology hardware and software solutions), and Gage Waits, Director of IT for HSK, PC (a distinguished Dallas-based general law rooted specializing in corporate litigation). HSK is in the planning stages for a propose to larger facilities counter town. As keep-akeep-apart of the propose, HSK deficiencys to altogether update their technology counter the new offices, parley rooms, teamwork areas, and ductile platforms. MobiLogics has formal itself as a greater antagonist in the technology marketplace specializing in value-external systems solutions for employment and legislation entities nationwide. This elapsed year, Houston-based MobiLogics has external sales and disposal centers in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.  CURRENT SITUATION  As an sound keep-akeep-apart of their propose to new and larger facilities, HSK deficiency to restore their computers, telecom, and counsel technology systems including laptop/ desktop/ductile associations for each of their 21 attorneys, desktop systems for their 10 staff members, concurrently delay archive and e-mail servers. MobiLogics specializes in this symbol of systems selling and uses their network of hardware and software arrangers in association delay their own in-house engineering, programming, and systems group to grateeasily arrange higher-value solutions than the emulation.  In provision for an moderate convocation delay Gage Waits, Director of IT for HSK, you—as the MobiLogics sales representative—are outlining your counsel needs and  developing a drain set of needs thread questions. These needs thread questions gain be the standpoint of the convocation delay Gage Waits and qualify MobiLogics to amend authenticate and conrooted HSK’s real needs, desires, and expectations in proportion to new and broad computer and counsel technology capabilities.  QUESTIONS  1. What counsel do you—the MobiLogics salesperson—need in manage to easily interpret the technology needs of HSK?  2. Following the ADAPT methodology for needs thread questioning, clear a succession of salesperson questions and anticipated buyer responses that energy direct to this selling post.