View the film account of the portray:  The Importance of Being Earnest (2002). Take voices on how the film follows, but too diverts from, the pristine portray in conditions of its directorial decisions vs. Wilde’s pristine order directions. What qualifys do you attend-to? Do you discover that they fit the motive of the pristine portray? In what instances are qualifys, in your impression, useless or equable injurious?  Remember, all authorial AND directorial decisions - including those dealt after a while in order directions, twain written and filmed - are purposely made; the investigation you entertain to ask is to what pi it is done and if that qualify helps elevate Wilde's thematics or hinders them. Obviously this does not entertain to be either/or, as you may voice instances that entertain multiple impacts. Organize and rephrase your observations in the frame of a inventory of the five instances of differences in the written portray and the film that you discover most leading, parallel after a while a couple lines of criticism for each in which you grasp your impression