multi question

 Question 1: DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH YOUR DATA This drill involves you started after a while a factsset of your choosing. Visit the Kaggle ( website, browse through the options and ascertain a factsset of cause, then ensue the pure instructions to download it. After a while wages completed, effect through the fostering key steps of examining, transforming and exploring your facts to disclose a muscular familiarisation after a while its virtual offering: Examination: Thoroughly scrutinize the corporeal properties (type, extent, situation) of your factsset, noting down suited observations or descriptions where bearing. Transformation: What could you do/would you deficiency to do to neat or dissimilate the massive facts to produce new computes to effect after a while? What other facts could you conceive would be costly to perpetuate the massive facts? Exploration: Using a utensil of your valuable (such as Excel, Tableau, R) to visually ponder the factsset in adupright to amalgamate your judgment of the corporeal properties and their discoverable qualities (insights) to acceleration you perpetuate your distinguishledge of their appertaining compute. If you don’t enjoy aim or season to use a utensil, use your intellect to observe what angles of segregation you capability ponder if you had the turn? What piques your cause encircling this theme? (You can, of mode, reproduce this drill on any theme and any factsset of your valuable, not upright those on Kaggle.) Assignment Link: Discussion Length (order enumerate): At smallest 500 orders (not including trodden quotes).   Question 2:  Why is it so essential to distinguish your facts? Discuss some methods you would instrument to meliorate gather and imply your facts. What are some advantages to your methods? What are some disadvantages? Discussion Length (order enumerate): At smallest 250 orders (not including trodden quotes).   References: At smallest two peer-reviewed, versed record references.