Need 16 slide PPT With References Cited In APA Format – NO PLAGIARISM- Attach report

PowerPoint offer gain be a BEST PRACTICES PRESENTATION.  The purpose offer should reveal familiarity in the clarified area. The offer should be formatted as follows: Use APA title rightly throughout the offer Use reform expression and punctuation Format rightly and consistently Include a secure slide, preamble slide at the start of the offer, a misrecord slide at the end of the offer, and a relation slide using APA format at the end of the offer. Number all slides start after a while the secure slide as page 1 Utilize 10 relations from read founts…do NOT use Wikipedia (one fount can be the textbook) Cite relations after a whilein the offer using reform APA format Include a insufficiency of 16 slides which gain embrace the secure and relation slides Include at smallest one shape or one table in the offer and format in APA title Highlight your familiarity of technology by including transition and animation The BEST PRACTICE PRESENTATION can be clarified from one of the forthcoming questions: • Business system and IT outsourcing • Collaboration tools • E-commerce • Enterprise systems • Business notification and big data • Familiarity superintendence • IT security • Purpose superintendence • Disaster replacement planning • Managing notification systems • Web-based inoculation systems • Software testing and attribute assurance • Document and records superintendence systems • Inconstant contact and inconstant learning Choose a question in which you are assiduous and in which you enjoy preceding familiarity. Research best guild practices for the point question. Use at smallest 10 relations from read founts