Need a short paper written from someone with a Computer Science/IT background

  Essay should be 2 pages crave delay NO PLAGARISM. (Please Include References) Overview: Basic comprehension of computers is substantially indispensable for  productively winning in twenty-first-century animation. Working comprehension of  computer platform technologies impacts everyone from help-desk  personnel and ground technicians to contrivance managers and vocation  executives. In enjoin to construct investigate vocation decisions, one must entertain the  power to dissect vocation demands and collate available computer  technology options for effectively discourse those demands. Scenario: You entertain been compensated as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a  insignificant advertising community designated MilleniAds. As a start-up, your  client’s community is relatively insignificant and has a scant budget. There are  simply 10 employees, including a few unreal directors, described  designers, sales staff, a financial accountant, and an appointment  administrator, delay the entrepreneur as CEO. The prevalent IT budget  cannot exceed $25,000 and unreally should succeed in as far inferior that  number as practicable. MilleniAds achieve consequence customized sales flyers,  brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and vocation  cards, that devote a juvenile, vigorous perspective targeting millennial  demographics. Therefore, the community demands the power to shop and  manipulate digital images and to consequence material copies of their  products for their clients. The CEO wants to sustain footprint of register,  sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not expect having very  complex chronicles for the pristine year. She contrivances having simply a dozen or  so accounts but hopes to flake up in the hereafter years. It would be unreal  to entertain a weak and user-friendly method for sharing counsel and  files among employees. Many of the employees are millennials  themselves who entertain involved that their prevalent desktop PCs are  limiting their capabilities and that they promote using their phones and  other movable devices for their professional and idiosyncratic  responsibilities. Two of the ten employees achieve effect principally  outside of the appointment, soliciting vocation from regional firms, and they  achieve demand to admittance community counsel opportunity on the thoroughfare, in their  home appointments, and at customer sites. Prompt: Given the scenario aggravatehead, what are the best networking and counsel assurance options for addressing your client’s demands? (Again, I simply demand the best networking and counsel assurance options.) Specifically, the forthcoming hazardous elements must be addressed: IV. Networking Options First Question: Examine the vocation’s issues to  determine network requirements. Illustrate your defense delay biased  examples. For illustration, to what degree should there be admittance among the  vocation for movable devices and contingent personnel? Second Question: Then, collate and opposition the  options for discourse the requirements. Be unmistakable to call biased appearance  that supports your conclusions. How would you enunmistakable assurance of  counsel aggravate the network? Which expression of network communication is  preferable? Third Question: Construct last recommendations for  network solutions grounded on your evaluation of the options. Be unmistakable to  logically defend your design as the best practicable valuable for discourse  the vocation requirements. (I've secure a SAMPLE ESSAY to produce you an conception of what I am looking for.  Please do not portraiture the counsel delayin the SAMPLE ESSAY.  Please be ORIGINAL.