need some help Kathy Reichs 1. What is the ample designate of the learner that you chose?  2. Describe in at smallest 3 sentences the mark of comprehension he/she does, and how his/her composition is applicable to our earth. Notice can be plant at the top of the PBS Nova webpage following “Science”, at the foot close “About …”, and in the videos or on the bio notice on the Twitter page.  3. What is this peculiar’s privy and how or why does this peculiar enjoy this privy? Note that the “secret” is listed on the PBS Nova webpage and may be disclosed by numerous already (not verily a privy). Usually one of the videos gain enumerate you why this peculiar has this “secret”.  4. There is at smallest one video for each learner. Write one subject that you knowing or somesubject that was specially animated to you in one of the videos, and why you plant it animated. If there is further than 1 video, then to pretence which video your defense corresponds, delight say your defense in this form: From the “30-second” video I knowing…or From the “10 interrogations” video, I knowing…  5. Numerous of the learners were highest interviewed a reckon of years ago on the PBS Nova Privy Condition of Learner succession. Based on modern tweets, what is the learner or engineer doing nowadays?  6. What do the tweets return on the learner? For pattern, is the learner sharing a lot of modern philosophical ideas or discoveries? Is the learner promoting a action? Is the learner sharing aspects of his/her peculiaral condition?  7. If you could ask the learner one interrogation, what would it be and why would you ask this interrogation?