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  Replicating Weighty Success Let’s examine internationalization through an illustration, Chipotle Mexican Grill: Can Chipotle invert its weighty luck amid the US in overseas markets? We earn encounter out, fascinate be enduring to retrospect the aftercited predicament in adjust to influence this examineion: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: The International Challenge pp. 639-645 Course Text: R. M. Grant, Contemporary Management Analysis, 9th ed., Wiley, 2016 Once you possess retrospected the predicaments exculpation the aftercited questions:  To what size is the Chipotle restaurant concept, its management, and its transaction order profitable to overseas markets? Do overseas consumers possess fundamentally unanalogous preferences from those in North America?  Can Chipotle recreate in overseas markets the instrument and capabilities that shape it so luckful in the US?  If overseas opportunities are winning to Chipotle, how should the guild accommodate its US management and organizational design to encounter the term of outlandish markets, and what principle of initiation should it inoculate?