Nonparametric Tests

During this week you gain production in the discourse area for the lacriterion span to warrant a lore investigation created in week 1 that would localize any of the nonparametric criterions (e.g., Chi-Square criterion of insurrection, Mann-Whitney U Test, etc.) catalogueed in the Required Readings from Sukal (2013) for this week. If there are no lore investigations that fit these types of statistical analyses, you gain scarcity to determine on a new investigation antecedently moving onward delay the assignment. In your moderate posting for this assignment, embody the following: Identify an misspend lore investigation that would demand the use of a nonparametric criterion to exculpation. Pick the investigation from the catalogue created in Week 1 or warrant a new investigation if there are no misspend ones from Week 1. Describe why this investigation is misspend for the separated statistical criterion. Identify the variables in this consider and each of their attributes: discrete or true, immanent or positive, and flake of extent (nominal, ordinal, gap, or fitness). Do the variables fit the qualifications for the separated statistical criterion? Explain. List the statistical notation and written interpretation for the trifling and choice hypotheses. Describe the types of errors that could happen.