Nursing Discussion

The disorder assignment gets a forum for discussing pertinent topics for this week on the foundation of the order competencies covered. For this assignment, mould abiding you post your primal rejoinder to the Disorder Area by the due era assigned and thorough your free-trade for this assignment by Day 7. To living your employment, use your order and passage unravelings and besides use media from the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, name your sources in your employment and get relations for the citations in APA format. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a suitable relation for well citing media. TASK Post your primal rejoinder to one of the two topics under.  Topic 1 Simulation technology has been transformative in nursing counsel. Through the use of airs, fosters can frequently-again-and-acompel exercise skills and compel clinical dependence in a risk-free environment. Simulation, eventually, is not true for bloom circumspection professionals.  How can fosters leverage airs technology for enduring and parentage counsel? (embrace your rationale) Share your habits and ideas for leveraging airs technology for enduring counsel. Topic 2 IT can be a powerful hireling in our caring environment, but it can besides be perceived as a opposition. Recent enduring amends surveys entertain had comments such as “the foster and the master were further assiduous in the computer than me” and “I felt love they were treating the machines not the idiosyncratic conjoined to them.” You unravel in your passagebook environing Jean Watson and her Theory of Human Caring.  How can we, as fosters, enabiding that the enduring understands that he or she is at the interior of our circumspection and that the technology is an adjunct to it?(embrace your rationale) Share your habits and ideas to enabiding a enduring-focused habit in a high-tech environment.