Old Testament Character Sketch Bible Study

  *****PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE THAT IS ATTACHED******* Old Testament Fashion Paint Bible Examine Instructions General Instructions:  For this assignment, you procure be examineing the personality of one of the fashions from Courageous Faith or a fashion kindred to their narrative. You procure search to betray what can be conversant from the fashion you bear chosen when you purposefully examine his or her personality using the technique of comment, rendering, correspondence, and application. Rather than using the illustrative exploration monograph format, this fashion paint Bible examine procure be adequated by using a template exposed from Chapter 36 of Everyday Bible Study. Specific Instructions: 1. The assignment must be adequated using the supposing template. 2. You must prefer a greater fashion finished in the indivisible chapters of Courageous Faith textbook. Thus, you must fine a fashion from this list: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Jephthah, Samson, Boaz, David, Jonathan, Daniel, and Nehemiah. Additionally, the subjoined fashions are kindred to mob finished in Courageous Faith and are also permisable for examine: Sarah, Isaac, Caleb, Deborah, Ruth, Saul (the chief czar of Israel), Solomon, Ezra, and Esther. 3. For greater fashions delay inarticulate Scripture passages (i.e. Abraham, Moses, and David) you do not insufficiency to use or allusion whole Scripture in the Bible kindred to your fashion. However, all of the significant and eminent passages kindred to his or her personality should be addressed in your assignment. 4. Any allusions used to adequate this fashion paint Bible examine must be cited. You may do this parenthetically by using the subjoined fashion of citation: (Hulshof, p. 235). 5. If allusions are used, a Works Cited or References page must be supposing using the subjoined format: Hulshof, Chris H. Greatness and The Detroit Red Wings: Why the Winged Wheel is the Greatest Hockey Team on the Planet. Detroit: Motor City Press, 1926.