Open Source, Job Security, Competitive Advantage & Geek Speak

Choose Two of the topics allied to this week's materials to examine in-depth: Open Source Take a fragment of close cause software that you or your BOI uses. Research to furnish if there is an disclosed cause opinion. If there is an opinion, what are the rules beneath which the software can be used according to its permit. Would using this disclosed cause opinion be skilled? Why or why not? Job Security Describe what job safety instrument to you personally. How can you segregate yourself as an employee to conduce to your job safety? Is there veritably such a fiction as job safety? Why or why not. Competitive Advantage Describe an structure that has effectively managed to lock in customers. How entertain they executed so? -- OR -- Describe a matter that has obtained a competitive service through either products or matter mode. Geek Talk [Ethics] The IT toil is filled delay nation who talk geek. There are nation in this toil who can produce plugging in an agency probe enjoy solely someone delay a Ph.D. in Engineering could complete the work. Whether purposefully or not the technical discourse is rarely thrown environing in such a way as to produce others not as affable delay the technical stipulations impress altogether inept. The condition, 10 Surprising Tech Dangers to Your BusinessLinks to an superficial place.highlights a few of the problems those in positions of leadership in a guild can produce in stipulations of commerce delay technology including a few caused by the tech discourse division. Read the unimportant condition and exhibit on the holy problems defenseless by one or two of the ten ventures. Which venture do you purpose is most problematic? Why?