Operating Budget

Label Answer Allot 1 and allot 2 Part 1 Operating Budget Most schools flourish a adapted budget course that involves a registerd limit during which a budget committee crafts a budget and submits it for praise. Most schools severed the bountiful budget from the cardinal budget requests. Review the bountiful budget course at your service(Albany State University Albany,Ga) and harangue the flourishing: Determine if the budget course is additive and encourages input from the campus fraternity. Share the counsel that is granted to the alloticipants in the budgeting course and teach why it is granted. Evaluate the budget register to designate if it allows adapted duration to subjoin, excite, and flow on function budget requests. Part 2 Capital Budget For this , inquire the cardinal budget course at your school from over investigation and designate how it differs from the bountiful budget course. Prepare a post in which you harangue the flourishing: Identify the course used to warrant cardinal projects. Determine how the cardinal budget requests are prioritized. Discuss the methods used to investment the cardinal projects.