Operation Jawbreaker (CIA First-in Team in Afghanistan after 9/11)

 You should condense the scrutiny or example to be investigated and likeness your interpreter why the scrutiny or example merits exploration (the "so what" constituent). Your congeniality should likeness that you feel interpret bearing representative of-late and then blend that counsel into a well-argued exhibition that follows your disquisition announcement. Your Nursing Dissertation should be encircling 15-20 pages (not including address page or other front representative, charts, graphs, allusion catalogue, appendices, etc.).   Papers longer than 22 pages procure feel points deducted. Here are the elements that your Nursing Dissertation must consider: ·         Address of the Paper. The address of your Nursing Dissertation should be dirty but should adequately acquaint the interpreter of your public theme and the restricted standpoint of your discovery. Keywords of to parameters, population, and other restricteds are beneficial. ·         Prelude and Discovery Questions. All Nursing Dissertations should feel an prelude that provides contrast counsel on the theme, tells the interpreter why the theme is essential, and declares the disquisition.  This minority should carry to the discovery scrutiny. ·         Thesis- What are you attempting to do and why is it momentous? declare it explicitly. Make permanent that it follows logically throughout the Nursing Dissertation. ·         Re-examination of Literature- This minority shall hold a survey of the bulky reading encircling your theme and where your feature discovery fits into it. For this minority, you should feel re-examinationed at meanest six academic sources and six subjoined sources cognate to your restricted scrutiny and be telling to realize how these sources admittance your discovery scrutiny.  You may re-use representative from the reading re-examination assignment. ·         Evaluation Criteria- Make permanent to declare explicitly the criteria you are using to evaluate the event. ·         Discussion- Here, you procure lay out the truth of your own controversy. What has your discovery of the theme orthodox to you? This minority should be acquaintative and written to livelihood what procure be your disposals. ·         Conclusions- This minority procure offer the findings of your discovery and livelihood your controversy and the repartee to the discovery scrutinys. The disposal frequently income to the issues violent in the prelude. Was your disquisition/hypodisquisition proven or disproven? How was your moderate object fulfilled by your discovery? How do your results collate to the results of the other studies you cited in your prelude? While all these scrutinys may not be related to your discovery, reparteeing as manifold as potential procure add to a well-designed and well-written Nursing Dissertation.