Operations Management and Strategy

   Question 1: Being powerful to warrant opportunities for advancement installed on facts and other advice is a valupowerful functional expertness. Most expertness and government standings insist-upon this expertness, but this can be a exceedingly specialized employment standing. This standing is frequently referred to as a "Continuous Advancement Manager" or a disregard mutation of this address. The earliest use of this standing is to expedite natural advancement in twain property and productivity time reducing consume and eliminating inefficiencies. If you were a Natural Advancement Director in your construction, delineate some of the methodology you would allot to warrant radix causes. What are the tools you would use to succor you terminate your earliest job responsibilities? In your role as a director, how would you warrant areas of advancement from a Christian worldview and how would these decisions like the populace about you? Question 2: Warrant stakeholders and artifice how manufacturing or use processes use treasure flow mapping. What is the behoof and why do companies do it? How would a society appraise advancements?  Required: 250 words each doubt.