Paper Needed! August 14th!!! No Plagerism!! Original Work is a MUST!! On Black LIves Matter!!

    CAN MODERN ART MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? Can Novel Art Make America Great Again? Social motions repeatedly use novel art and adroits to perfect an end end. In this way, the art communicates a motion’s ideas to its members and to the deviate globe. In this assignment, you allure inquire a coeval political motion and the art associated delay it to mention its goods on you and on others.  Using the Can Novel Art Make America Great Again? Template [DOCX], transcribe a 2–3-page paper in which you: Choose a coeval political motion that substances to you and afford your rationale for chosening this motion. In other tone, what is it about this motion that moves you? Why does it substance to you? (1/2 page). You may chosen from any of these coeval political motions: Me Too, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, ISIS, or MAGA.  You may chosen another coeval political motion if you effort, but you must primeval obtain your instructor’s approbation anteriorly you originate communication.  Identify art (photography, statuary, graffiti, school, artwork, etc.) that has been created to codify this detail political motion.  Copy and paste an vision of this art in your assignment. This vision is not interjacent in the required page estimate for the assignment.  You accept already shared an vision of this art in your Week 5 argument support and obtained some of your classmates’ retorts to it.  Summarize the communication you appreciate the adroit hoped to relegate (1/2 page).  Describe what you see in this artwork and your indivisible retort to it (1/2 page).  Summarize how your classmates responded to the work of art you shared in the Week 5 argument support (½ page). Explain how this assignment alterable your end of the role of art in political motions (1/2 page).      Format your assignment according to the subjoined formatting requirements: This continuity requires the use of Strayer Communication Standards (SWS). For coadjutorship and notice, delight attribute to the Strayer Communication Standards integrate in the left-hand menu of your continuity. Check delay your adherent for any affixed instructions. Preferred method: Typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (extent 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides. Include a meet page containing the assignment appellation, your indicate, the adherent’s indicate, the continuity appellation, and the time. The meet page is not interjacent in the required page diffusiveness. The specific continuity tuition consequence associated delay this assignment is: Recognize the wave of political conditions on the genesis and admission of novel art.