Personality Project

  Instructions: Complete the bounteous online Self-Control & Self-Monitoring Test at: (Links to an outer birth.). Once you entertain your Snapshot Report, equitable click on the fence, picked Print, and then picked Save as PDF for the end. You obtain deficiency to succumb a representation of the saved results or a fence shot of the generous results from your computer parallel delay your essay. NOTE: If the merge overhead does not operation, cut-and-paste it into your web browser. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR TEST RESULTS FOR FULL CREDIT! Complete a one (1) page essay responding the forthcoming questions: 1. What did your Snapshot Report say about your flatten of long-suffering? Do you concur or disconcur delay the results? Why or why not? 2. Describe a season when you trainingd long-suffering. What was the product? 3. Describe a season when you did NOT training long-suffering. What was the product? 4. How to you judge your flatten of long-suffering has impacted the fruit of your oneness? Formatting Requirements: Margins - 1 Inch Font - Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (12pt) Spacing - Double Length - 1 Page (2 w/ Title Page) Include Separate Title Page - Name, PID, Title of Essay DO NOT restate the questions as distribute of your responses or use extra spaces among your responses to growth page tediousness. NOTE: YOUR PAPER SHOULD BEGIN ON LINE 1 OF PAGE 2 - DO NOT USE EXTRA SPACES TO MAKE THE PAGE LONGER. The essay must be 1 generous page in tediousness. It obtain not be considered a generous page if you add extra spaces or can embody another decision at the end.