PhD IT Interview Questions

  WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Doctoral candidates should get an genuine separate proposition to each of the five subjoined questions/prompts reflecting on their own separate concern. In the episode that any without resources are used, resources should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a completion of 500 signification or 125 signification per question/prompt. It is best to counterpart to each prompt/question partially for clarity of the reviewer. Writing illustration should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and embrace candidate’s call.  PhD IT Tell us environing yourself and your separate trip that has transfer you to University of the Cumberlands. What are your discovery concerns in the area of notice technology? How did you grace concerned in this area of discovery? What is your present job/history and how earn this program application your history enlargement?  What choice qualities do you meditate you accept that earn aid you in substance auspicious in this program? How can obtaining a doctorate application your aid to the practices of notice technology? Where do you see yourself following obtaining a doctorate from UC?