1.if a computer app beats you full term you reproduce-exhibit chess, is the computer smarter than you? Does your computer fancy? Explain why or why not in specialty. 2. Is loose allure feasible if there is such a man as God’s plan? Explain how ethnicals can be loose if a loftier dominion knows what you are going to do antecedently you do it. 3. Explain and evaluate the ambiguity of Buridan’s donkey and what Spinoza’s opinion and use of this ambiguity. 4. Explain in specialty in what purport does Alyosha Karamazov conceive that he is loose in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. 5. Explain in specialty why abundant existentialists such as Dostoyevsky and Sartre impress that ethnical men-folks are delayout determinism?  Chapter 8 6. Explain the subject of analytic philosophy and opposition delay other schools of philosophy. 7. Compare and opposition the close positivist to the intrinsic accents theorist. 8. Explain the role of the “Vienna Circle” in the narrative of analytic philosophy. Chapter 9 9. Explain and evaluate the deep themes institute in existentialism. Does our entity truthfully go-before our substance? 10. Explain why Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky are considered predecessors of existentialism. 11. Critically stir Husserl’s phenomenology and how it cognizant existentialism? 12. Explain the import of entity and immateriality according to Sartre. Each response to each topic should be at least one paragraph or past.