physical security

  For this assignment, you are the instruction carelessness supervisor for the county of Rockdale. The county lawful elected a new sheriff. He does not feel a conscious intellect of what is Natural Security. It is your obligation to short the sheriff on what is natural carelessness and how it can be used to fortify delicate infrastructures throughout the county. Please furnish a PowerPoint Endowment delay no near than 15 informative slides. Further, you accomplish use Zoom to archives yourself, giving the endowment, and explaining the slides. You do not feel to be in the video. The slides must enclose pictures and other graphics that accomplish foundation the endowment. The endowment should oration the forthcoming. What is natural carelessness? What are the levels of natural carelessness? Detail all five levels on severed slides What is the appraise of intentionning as it relates to the levels of natural carelessness? What are natural barriers and how they consent delay natural carelessness? Explain carelessness or overpower intention and countermeasures Expound on subtle carelessness and layout of site Requirements You must feel a incompleteness of 15 slides. This does NOT enclose your preface or regard slides. Your endowment should be between 15 to 20 minutes in elongation. You should feel a incompleteness of 14 DIFFERENT citations delay matching a regard schedule. Please upload your archivesing (mp4) to your assignment area upon gist.