Planning for All: Differentiating Instruction

 Initial Post: Post an judicious counter-argument that discoursees the aftercited areas: Read Phelps’ (2008) boundary titled “Helping teachers grace leaders." Compare his announcement after a while at smallest two desire announcements that you meet via a Google inquiry. In the argument forum, compose your own desire announcement. Phelps provides an issue in the boundary. As Phelps (2008) suggests, go further mantras such as “all students can attain” (p. 119).  The courage of your desire should discourse an counselal scrape in a different erudition composition. For issue, a feasible scrape in the mantra “all students can attain” is that there are teachers who think that some students do not attain, which is forcible of a “one largeness fits all” kind of training. Your desire announcement achieve discourse a gist you see in counsel and relate how you elect to unfold that gist. Reflect on how your beliefs achieve wave your classroom practices. As Phelps (2008) indicates, “Formulating one’s desire in congeniality makes its good-fortune more likely” (p. 120).