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  In this assignment, you earn abide inaugurated on sections for your decisive purpose assignment. You earn convoy a budget dissection for this assignment. Using the balbutiations for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, transcribe a 2–3-page budget dissection. Select 2–3 knowing references on notorious soundness program financial plans to use in subsistence of your confutation. Make fast to comprise evidence-based advice and knowing references. Complete the subjoined: Begin by revisaling the assigned balbutiation materials and the advice environing implementing and monitoring budgets. Next, revisal the anterior assignments you completed on your clarified soundness children or soundness sickness theme. Develop a glutinous budget to comprise types of absorb analyses. Your budget dissection should be patent clear using an Excel spreadsheet. Revisal the balbutiations for this week for examples. Include the subjoined components in your budget dissection: Selected Categories Total Budget Cumulative Expenses Dollar Variance Amount Left to Spend Percent of Unspent Percent of Variance Be fast to proportion the sum expenditures, produce sum, and decisive budget sum. In a 1-page digest in Word format, produce an overview of your budget that comprises a mini-synopsis of the momentous points. Approach your budget dissection as a skilled impression and usurp you are going to succumb it to notorious soundness officials to entreat funding for your soundness program. For this assignment, you earn accept two deliverables—the digest in Word format and the Excel spreadsheet delay your dissection. Since Microsoft Word and Excel are interconnected programs, you may embed your Excel spreadsheet in your Word muniment. The Microsoft Office Word Help Guide/Assistance can produce raise advice environing how to embed or merge muniments. Submission Details: Submit one muniment delay twain assignments, the overview and the budget, wholly in a Microsoft Word muniment to the Submissions Area by the due conclusion assigned. Name your muniment SU_PHE6202_W4_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. On a disconnected page, call all sources using the APA format. Attachments Submissions