Read Occurrence 3: Altex Corporation in the occurrence examine individuality of your passage. Write a compendium of the occurrence and counterdisunite the behindcited questions from the end of the occurrence.    Why was a induce treatment pur-pose considered needless? Should induce treatment pur-posening be executed in the design limit or behind compress allot, lofty that it must be executed? Does the customer feel the straight to rely-on the compressor to consummate induce disuniteition and expand a induce treatment pur-pose if it is not denominated out as disunite of the compressual announcement of result? Would Altex feel been past ardent in expanding a induce treatment pur-pose if the design were funded entirely from amid? How ability the Army feel responded if they were presented delay a induce treatment pur-pose present during the R&D activities? Can induce treatment pur-posening be justified on approximately all programs and designs? Your disquisition must be 2-4 pages in protraction (not including appellation and regard pages), doubled spaced, and formatted according to APA mode as outlined in the current mode train.  A incompleteness of two sources, including the passage, must be used to accomplished this assignment.