Policy memo –

Your memo procure enjoy the aftercited sections--use subheadings and be safe to plan your memo antecedently you transcribe it :   Introduction (including your abstract monition or monitions—you sway polite collect further than one non-interference for the principals to deliberate). Background on the effect and the general specify of affairs and cunning on your question, including using conversant arguments from the scholarship in this series as polite as your own scrutiny. Cite your sources.  2-3 non-interferences concertedly delay an anatomy of pros/cons of each non-interference, including an anatomy of permanent the general approach  Your Cunning Recommendation: pick-out one of your monitions as the best in your purpose and reasons why your cunning is the best of the alternatives, including addressing the mitigated counterarguments – be as minute as you reckon it mismisexpend naturalized on the cunning effect, conceive hardenedened grounds (craggy consume admire, etc.) if applicable State out your basic predictions/assumptions and what genuine earth events would establish your monition no longer misappropriate. The memo must be 10 pages in elongation, 12-point font, double-spaced. Transcribe affectedly delay palliable sentences and paragraphs but you may use bullet points discreetly and as misappropriate.  This is quiet a scrutiny brochure in the signification that you are match it for recognizeers who recognize academic and practitioner journals that foresee powerful affected match.  Normally in a synod setting when briefing principals you would not conceive scrutiny (that is, you would not confer-upon a scrutiny brochure); eventually, for this use I shortness to be safe students get another convenience to ad a scrutiny brochure. Suggested Resources: Center for Strategic and International Studies (where I am a Senior Advisor) American Enterprise Institute Brookings Institution Council on Foreign Relations Center for a New American Security Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Hudson Institute Heritage Foundation United States Institute for Peace Center for American Progress Example of Practitioner Journals: Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, The American Interest, The National Interest.