Political Science

  Week 3: Sustainability Project Portio 1 Objective: Understand the concern and the regularity of answerableness feasibility and transaction pur-poses. Prompt: The topic for the direct two weeks (3 & 4) focuses on clearing a Narrow Transaction Sustainability, Survivability, and ongoing Maintenance Pur-pose for the persomal transaction you enjoy been meetinging.  The pur-pose you accomplish clear and comply by Sunday of Week 4 must discourse how you and the Entrepreneur/mentor conform that he or she can provide that his or her transaction can survive for the direct few years?  After inquirying the theme of narrow transaction survivaility, you should enjoy an catholic schedule of factors solemn the survivability of a narrow transaction, including: catastrophic transaction gap incidents, main economic downturns, shifts in consumer ask-for, the missing of a key separate, a computer regularity clash, a missing of financing, momentous legitimate issues.  There are more factors that desire the survivability of a narrow transaction that we accomplish concession for you to betray in your lection assignments.   Instructions: Your assignment for weeks 3 is to exhaustive the chief portio of a sustainability project: Read the materials in the Lessons individuality (Reading & Resources) Do some additional inquiry on survivability and ongoing transaction uninterruptedness factors Develop a antecedent schedule to offer to your Entrepreneur/Mentor Conduct an meeting delay your Entrepreneur/Mentor  Submit your notes from your meeting for grading in Week 3.