We keep fight all encircling us. Refer to the concepts in Looking Out Looking In (LOLI) and Becoming a Critical Thinker (BCT).  For this assignment, you conciliate follow the political consequence you wrote environing decisive week and decline it into an 11 slide PowerPoint Presentation. ·  For this introduction, you conciliate excellent one slide cunning in PowerPoint that you affect.  ·  Use merely the fonts, font sizes, distortions, and background/background distortion granted in that template.  Let Microsoft be your slide cunninger!  ·  Each slide should keep 6-8 bullet points of passage used to narrate each of the concepts you wrote environing over.  Tclose should be no hanker paragraphs of passage copied and pasted on the slides. ·  Notes demand to be moderate after a while each slide. This conciliate succor to divulge an interpretation of the conpassage shared.   ·  Limit likenesss to the cloak page.  It would produce reason to use an likeness on the cloak page. That would be choice.  ·  Remember, the job close is to supply an informational abstract of your article in the constitute of a introduction.  ·  The decisive slide should catalogue References. In-passage citations and References should constantly be moderate in your PowerPoint.