Practicum Assignment

  Assignment: Practicum – Week 1 Journal Entry As a coming deceased performance promote, it is symbolical that you are cogent to connect your classroom experiment to your practicum experiment. By applying the concepts you consider in the classroom to clinical settings, you improve your authoritative compressiveness. Each week, you total an Assignment that prompts you to ponder on your practicum experiments and recount them to the symbolical presented in the classroom. This week, you commence documenting your practicum experiments in your Practicum Journal.  In making-ready for this mode’s practicum experiment, oration the forthcoming in your Practicum Journal: · Select one nursing system and one counseling system to best conduct your performance in psychotherapy. Explain why you separated these theories. Support your admittance delay evidence-domiciled reading. · Develop at last three goals and at last three objectives for the practicum experiment in this mode.  · Create a timeline of practicum activities domiciled on your practicum requirements. Resources: