Signature Assignment: Legitimate and Ghostly Considerations in Nursing Presentation: Among sundry stakeholders, the registered comfort must fuse legitimate and ghostly theories and principles into custom. There is a want to evaluate the legitimate and ghostly considerations that remain in soundnessheed today, to assess nursing’s role in soundness initiatives, and to perceive ways that we can acceleration mend soundness and soundness outcomes. This bestowal gain acceleration comforts avow and suit to dilemmas among distinct soundness heed settings and nursing roles. This bestowal gain yield an overview of regulatory action and the legislative and juridical processes, enabling comforts to beseem common delay changes solemn the soundness heed plan such as enduring hues, technological advances, and managed heed. This bestowal gain ponder the role of the comfort as a soundness functional, defender, and leader: Select five legitimate or ghostly concepts that you reach govern nursing custom.  Explain the chosen concepts in-reference-to twain the contact on action viability and tendency enduring heed.  Review the chosen concepts and strategically stir for priorities, challenges, and issues from a legitimate and ghostly perspective. Identify instances of actions enslaved by an action or yieldr that would or could outrage the ghostly duties and responsibilities of the soundness heed yieldrs or the hues of endurings. Develop a management scheme, measures, and recommendations for obstruction of legitimate and ghostly violations. Detail how nursing could glide-away or defender to fuse legitimate and ghostly theories and principles over effectively into custom.  This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) bestowal should be a insufficiency of 20 slides, including a name, preliminary, quittance and relation slide, delay inferential orator notes and recitative audio comments for all gratified slides. Use at lowest impure scholarly sources and find sure to reconsideration the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric precedently starting your bestowal. This bestowal is estimate 400 points for tendency gratified and bestowal.