At this sharp-end, you entertain been introduced to sundry protection tools (Network Discovery, Network Scanning, DLP, Firewalls, and HIDS).  You are to siege one of the five signed categories of tools and demonstrate two local effects from divergent vendors.  Based on two effects, content elaboration the differences and alikeities among the two effects.  You should so evaluate the implementation issues you may countenance after a while each effect.  Based on your elaboration, content fashion a PowerPoint or a alike exhibition to elucidate your elaboration and your findings of the tools.  The exhibition should be proportionately in structure as to highlight the alikeities among the two effects you elaborationed. The exhibition must comprise the flourishing: Product Background Pros and Cons of each effect Side by Side similitude Recommendation PowerPoint Requirements Easy to flourish and understand Ratio of utterance to setting (Essentially, not too numerous utterance on a slide.  Highlight the essentials) Graphics – Charts, Graphs, Illustrations, etc. Other – resources – Audio, Video, etc. Safe – Assignment similitude obtain be done