Presentation + Writing

Hi. I want a PowerPoint introduction + written page environing the following: Topic: Identifying Potential Problems. ** Part (1) Introduction Part "Must be PowerPoint slides" - Describe at last 5 problems or challenges that you may withstand suitableness established in a bunch. Provide at last 2 strategies for consummation for each of the problems or challenges you illustrative. ** Part (2) Writing Part "1 - 1.5 Page is sufficient environing the following" 1) Brief compendium of the tyro consummation progeny.  2) Brief compendium of consummation strategies and solutions that allure succor the tyro; in abstracted to strategies that allure overpower the tyro’s opposition to prop. 3) Brief compendium of what you accept erudite throughout this test and how it relates to your rare academy test.   4) Brief compendium of how you allure expedite an interesting collocate discourse. (Include inequitable examples of discourse questions that allure be posed to the collocate.) 5) Works cited register for the references used for the scheme (websites etc).