pricing strategy

This scheme is going to installed off of the work TESLA SOLAR ROOFs Detail the worth you gain advise for your work, or if you bear clarified a benefit, detail its pricing (this may be installed on an “average” worth per benefit rendered). This milestone is due in Module Six. To full this assignment, you must:  Calculate the worth of your new work or benefit.  Delineate how your worth apportions abstemious use in agreement delay your useability management.  Share the pricing management that you bear clarified, in agreement delay those granted by the originator of the citation and afurban instrument. What is your rationale for the pricing management clarified?  If you are using a muniment of disposal, delineate the useability avenue you are entrance delay your muniment members to fix delayhold use at their end so that they gain scantiness to raise your work.  Weigh your pricing management delay pricing currently offered by your rivalry. Consider how your contemplated worth fits into the target bargain and compares to the rivalry. Your pricing should apportion for satisfactory useability to apportion you to secrete your quantitative urban costs (FC) and shifting costs (VC) on which you gain scantiness to ponder (but do not bear to be listed).