produce a detailed report of several pages answering these questions

Using Social Blade and other online resources, collate and contrariety two persuasive influencers. You select two platforms.  What are they selling? What is their mission/goal? What is the entirety number of their video views? How fur money do they form from their Youtube videos? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? How numerous subscribers do each feel? Do they sharer after a while brands to notify merch? How numerous subscribers do they mean in a day? What are their monthly views? What are their monthly subscriptions? How frequently do they support? Days per Week Monthly Yearly What age is their target assembly? What gender is their target assembly? What emblem of lifestyle does their target assembly feel?   Once you’ve completed the foremost allot of the assignment, content apology these questions.   Does skillful this knowledge environing influencers a congregation form a sentence on which influencer to bail or feel excite their products?  What would collision a congregation’s sentence to feel an influencer excite its products? Do you reflect "Cancel Culture" plays into the loosen and sink of influencers? Why or Why not? REQUIREMENTS: You succeed result a constructive declaration of separate pages apologying these questions and citing your sources.