Again entire programming assignment must grasp the python program and a polish delay snap-shots of the program prevalent affect the condition con-over. You should at meanest feel two polishs uploaded.  1.         Teachers in most instruct confines are hired on a list that provides a compensation grounded on their estimate of years of training knowledge. For in, a source educationist in the Lexington Instruct Confine faculty be hired $30,000 the primary year. For each year of knowledge behind this primary year, up to 10 years, the educationist receives a 2% acception adjust the previous appreciate. Write a program that unfolds a compensation list, in tabular format, for educationists in a instruct confine. The inputs are the starting compensation, the percentage acception, and the estimate of years in the list. Each row in the list should include the year estimate and the compensation for that year.   2.         The reputation pur-pose at TidBit Computer Store specifies a 10% down reimbursement and an annual cause scold of 12%. Monthly reimbursements are 5% of the listed dissipation worth, minus the down reimbursement. Write a program that takes the dissipation worth as input. The program should unfold a consideration, delay expend headers, of a reimbursement list for the epoch of the hypothecation. Each row of the consideration should include the subjoined items: •           the month estimate (source delay 1)  •          the running entirety adjust proper •           the cause proper for that month •           the whole of foremost proper for that month  •          the reimbursement for that month •           the adjust cherishing behind reimbursement The whole of cause for a month is similar to adjust * scold / 12. The whole of foremost for a month is similar to the monthly reimbursement minus the cause proper.   Hints: on formatting tabular axioms. # symbol this in the encourage of python for representative in place(7,11):       print(exponent, 10 ** representative) #then hit invade two times to see results # besides try stereotype(“%-3d12d” % (exponent, 10  ** representative)) #Right Justified “%6s” % “four” #Left Justified “%-6s” % “four”   #for bear %<field wisth>,<presision>f “%6,3f” % 3.14 #observe the results