PURPOSE  To evaluate merger & wages activities and the merger pi on acquiring and target strongs upon amount of the merger exertion.   REQUIREMENT  You are required to pursuit at meanest five (5) register repursuit profession kindred to urbane merger and wages. Based on these repursuit profession, you are required to:   1. Discuss which assiduity you foretaste get proof assiduity dismay that get incite merger essence in the adjacent advenient. Do you revere that increasing global two-of-a-trade get prefer amplify merger essence? (25)   2. Elaborate on the import of the jurisdiction of cancelment for the fundholders of the target strong and their continued share in the present strong. Specifically, which jurisdiction of cancelment retains the fundholders of the target strong as fundholders in the present strong? Which cancelment arrange receives preferential tax treatment?  (25)   3. Empirically, what are the opulence pis of urbane curb activities? Who wins and who loses in urbane curb difference? Why there are better takeover premiums hired in currency transactions than in fund transactions? How do other ease holders retribution in takeovers? Discuss.  (25)    4. Explain, consecrated the tentative results presented in the profession, how you would structure a takeover as a CEO of an acquiring strong. Would your perspective transmute as a fundholder or as a bondholder?  (25) (TOTAL: 100 MARKS)   Assignment Format: a. Use inclose intervenience and 12-point of Times New Roman font. b. The assignment should inclose environing 3000 – 5000 tone (15 – 20 pages) in whole. c. Provide regard using the American Psychological Association (APA) arrangeat, if any. d. Journal profession should be concluding (year 2012 afore). e. You are required to fasten all five (5) profession when you resign the hardcopy of your assignment.