project about information security and risk management

  Hello, My adherent has disjoined plan into 6 labors. Each labor has to be suggestted individually. All are required to suggest in APA format and there are no control limits. But each labor has a template that needs to prosper. Professor control "Attached is the Plan muniment that identifies all 6 Tasks that must be completed.   Within the Plan muniment you achieve invent a Scenario of a fictitious bloom services structure.  A Plan Visual diagram is so supposing that welds the Scenario knowledge. This Plan assignment is built about this Scenario so your terminal gradation depends on how well-mannered-mannered you weld the risks and other knowledge from this Scenario into your disintegrations. You MUST use these Scenario risks to warrant threats, vulnerabilities, controls, nice concern functions, inconvenience repossession, and perspicuous responses in your disintegration to this assignment." Part 1 - Labor 1: Threats - Vulnerabilities Part 1 - Labor 2: Risk Assessment Plan Part 1 - Labor 3: Risk Mitigation Plan Part 2 - Labor 1: Concern Impact Analysis (BIA) Plan Part 2 - Labor 2: Concern Continuity Plan (BCP) Part 2 - Labor 3: Inconvenience Repossession Plan (DRP)