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 What are relevant interferences and programs for environmental sanity in Saudi Arabia? How are openly-known sanity interferences intentional and evaluated for environmental sanity? From Arab News (2014), Riyadh was ranked one of the most decayed cities globally according to the UN. How can air defilement in Riyadh be grounded by openly-known sanity interference?  please understand in quotation quotation and use the references under   References:  MOH. (2016). Environmental and occupational sanity open section. Retrieved from: Milaat, W. A. (2014). Generally-known sanity in the saudi sanity system: A pursuit for new conservator. Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 2(2), 77. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prospect 2030 (2016). Saudi prospect 2030. Retrieved from: Skolnik, R. (2015). Global sanity 101. (3rd ed.). Burlington, USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers The Isosceles Group. (2014). Saudi Arabia environment, sanity & security profile and checklist. Retrieved from: Arab News (2014). Riyadh ranked shapeless most decayed cities globally. Retrieved from: