Models Will Run the World By Steven A. Cohen and Matthew W. Granade | Aug 20, 2018  TOPICS: Business Models, Competitive Strategy SUMMARY: The software crisis has transformed calling. What's instant? Processes that forever rectify themselves without need of rational interposition. (Related period) There used to be a rigorous hierarchy: Traders made money and won celebrity timeliness programmers wrote mode and stayed out of spectacle. Those days are aggravate. CLASSROOM APPLICATION:  There's an emerging intersection among computer understanding and calling. Think about how you can make-ready yourselves for this and leverage it as an opening in your careers. QUESTIONS:  1. (Introductory) In your own say, teach what a type is in the texture of the period titled "Models Will Run the World". 2. (Advanced) Teach what is meant by this phrase: "A type-driven calling is colossus over a data-driven calling." 3. (Advanced) Select one of the companies featured in the period as an copy of having a model, and teach over easily how that crew has leveraged its type to outcompete its rivals. 4. (Advanced) Besides the companies and industries mentioned in the period, what's a crew in a contrariant assiduity that you would recommend could unfold a type to achieve a competitive advantage? 5. (Advanced) What are the implications of the event that programmers are gaining superior rule in the trading cosmos-people? Is there any possibility that such a tend command as-well be occurring in marketing?