1.  Outdoor Advertising Discuss the collision and efficiency outdoor advertising has on YOU  based whether the billboard is on the top of buildings,  on the edge of buildings, buses, arrangementions, and trucks or it is a vast broadside at bus stops, subway stations, and arrangemention platforms or over the seats on buses and arrangementions or at sports stadiums and arenas. Minimum 50 signification. 2. Transit Advertising: Based on you habit sift-canvass the efficiency of bus and arrangemention advertisements. Explain why you handle transit advertising is an utilityable or inserviceable make of advertising. Minimum 50 signification. 3. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (A.I.D.A.) : Explain what it would choose for a billboard to seize your observation. Once a billboard seizes your observation what allure it choose to get you careful? In conditions of your acquisition determination arrangement, what would end in you purchasing the consequence or utility advertised on the billboard? Minimum 100 signification. Leadership and Ethics in Marketing Driven Organizations 4. Explain abundantly your conviction concerning leadership; 50 order minimum 5. Explain abundantly your expectations of an form. 50 order minimum.