Questions: What hypotheses were investigated in this examine? How was the examine prepared? In your solution, you should apprehend slight explanations of: who the participants were  the groups/conditions to which participants were assigned the tasks participants completed the procedures (for development, how/when the tasks were administered) grounds that were collected Explain what the  inhanging wavering in the examine was and clear-up what the hanging wavering(s) in the examine was/were. What were the results? Please apprehend some of the numerical grounds from the two magnitude of Figure 1; you achieve feel to estimate the values using the graphs. Clear-up what these grounds likeness and how polite these grounds do (or do not) stay the hypotheses. Future learning—based on the give learning examine, what is an thrilling learning scrutiny that could be pursued in the forthcoming? What would the IV and DV be, and why would the examine be thrilling/important to spend?