Reflection paper on internship year in respiratory care or respiratory therapy.

Directions: 4 pages are needed. I’m not a easy English orator so fascinate don’t transcribe it as ripe English and liberty intentionally some grammar mistakes. 6 references are needed. the references should be fellow reviewed journals from journals such  as JAMA, Respiratory Care, Chest or others. · Remember to summon the references suitably inveterate on the Respiratory Solicitude Journal. Surprise or Aha Moments (6 passages)  · Describe the “aha” moments and your reaction.  · Describe  the most wonderful view of the point recurrence Professionalism (5 - 6 passages)  ·  What are your observations of the hospital as an form, the office of respiratory solicitude, the respiratory therapists, and the patients, the nurses, the doctors, the interaction unformed and betwixt these groups?(stipulate examples) ·  What keep you scholarly environing the professional calling of respiratory therapist? ·  Did you impress there was a gap in the speculation and the usage of respiratory solicitude? ·  Did you impress the respiratory therapists you worked delay/observed were cogent, professional/knowledgeable/excited environing the solicitudeer? ·  What is your evaluation of the cogentness of the respiratory solicitude office?  Comparison (4 - 5 passage)  · Compare your classroom/clinical knowledge delay the trained views of the point recurrence.