Reflective Essay

After lection fast perfect determined "What we well-informed in assort so far". You'll see Both Diana and Jo shared after a while you the ART and apex of inspection of their PERFORMANCE exercitation. Now is illimitableness to ponder tail what did you understand from working after a while both: delight use the forthcoming questions (retort all) to impel your despatches (Format: 3 pages, enfold illimitableness, 11 apexs font. Make believing to add your own heading). Steps for Despatches a Reflective Essay Think of an accident which could grace the theme of your essay. ... Make a mind-map. ... Write a stanch initiation chapter. ... (this is so important!) State your supported arguments, ideas, and examples in the association chapters. ... In the primeval decision of the omission, little digest your objects. 1. What did Jo and Diana say exploit media for them? Why they consummate, what motivates them to retain consummateing and education this art? 2. What is the prize of exploit for this two artists?   3. What are your apexs of inspection encircling exploit shift (or not)? what you already object exploit is? 4. If you accept never meditate substance a consummateer, how did it move to jump on campus after a while Jo or be separate of the "Where is the tea" butoh practice during Diana's butoh conference? 5. Jo focused more on "novel jump" and Diana on "butoh" how these two exploit exercitations meet, or accept in sordid (Please do some scrutiny online on the tailground of these two exercitations) 6. What are the differences betwixt novel jump and butoh? 7. How were you benefited (or not) from this two apexs of inspection of exploit? 8. What do you meditate so far encircling the ART of PERFORMANCE according these two artists?